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Mülheim Kunstverein

The tradition-rich Mülheimer Kunstverein e. V. was founded in 1956 and is characterized by its close ties to the Kunstmuseum Mülheim an der Ruhr, promoting and supporting the museum. The board of the Mülheimer Kunstverein sees itself as a supporter of contemporary art and provides a wide range of activities for its members. Since the Kunstverein does not have its own exhibition spaces, it uses the exhibition space of the Kunstmuseum by arrangement to hold its own exhibitions and events there.

The Mülheimer Kunstverein e. V. promotes in particular:

  • Guided tours, lectures and matinées
  • Holiday events for children
  • Studio visits and day trips to current exhibitions in other museums
  • Artistic activities in our city

Members of the Kunstverein have advantages: Free admission to the Mülheim an der Ruhr Art Museum and to our events. You will be regularly informed about all activities.

Support the cultural life in our city and become a member of our Mülheimer Kunstverein!

Board of Directors

  • Tania Terium (Chairman)
  • Ulrich Schallwig (Second Chairman)
  • Helmut Kottkamp (Treasurer)
  • N.N. (Museum Director)


  • Klaus Bloem
  • Martina Deli (from the artists' community)
  • Gerold D'Hamé
  • Sabine Falkenbach
  • Edda Sloma

Sabine Falkenbach, staff member of the Kunstverein
Phone: 0173/9274987