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Supporting Association

The development of the Mülheim Art Museum and its collection is decisively supported by civic commitment. In 1979, the Förderkreis für das Kunstmuseum Mülheim an der Ruhr e. V. was founded - co-initiated by the Zille collector Dr. Karl Gotthelf Themel.
As members of the Förderkreis, honorary citizens of the city support the work of the Kunstmuseum both ideally and financially, supplementing the ever-decreasing municipal funds to purchase works of art for the public collection.

In recent decades, the Förderkreis has been able to make significant new acquisitions. Works by Paul Klee, Otto Müller, Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall, Heinrich Siepmann, Emil Schumacher and Sigmar Polke, among others, are among them, as well as a painting and a photo montage by the famous Dada artist Hannah Höch. In addition, members of the Förderkreis run the museum store, which has been in existence since 1997, on a voluntary basis. In addition to donations and membership fees, the store essentially generates the funds to support the museum and its collection.

Become a member too!
The Förderkreis für das Kunstmuseum Mülheim an der Ruhr is soliciting further support from companies and private individuals in the city and region. By becoming a member and/or making a donation, you can help to preserve the museum and its collections and make them attractive for future generations. The membership form is available for download.

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Carsten Küpper (Chairman)
  • Dr. Slavomir Biedron (Vice Chairman)
  • Dr. Thomas Rox (Treasurer)
  • Gudrun Altehoefer (Secretary)
  • Ursula Ullrich-Köhler (Museum Shop Representative)
  • N.N.  (Museum Director)

Dr. Carsten Küpper | Phone 0208 - 388 22 40 | E-Mail |

Sorgfalt und Zeitgenossenschaft. 30 Jahre Förderkreis Kunstmuseum Mülheim an der Ruhr 1979-2009, herausgegeben vom Förderkreis für das Kunstmuseum Mülheim an der Ruhr, Mülheim an der Ruhr 2009 (ISBN 978-3-9807575-9-1), available for 10 euros in the museum shop.