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Holidays at the Art Museum

During the NRW school holidays, the Kunstmuseum offers all-day holiday activities in cooperation with various local partners and artists.

Registration is possible online via the Freizeitportal der Stadt Mülheim an der Ruhr.

Das Bild zeigt Malutensilien sowie ein Frauenporträt der Künstlerin Natalija Usakova.

Holiday programme in the summer holidays 2023: Portrait - Selfie - People Pictures

During the second week of the summer holidays, young people between the ages of 12 and 14 worked on the theme of portraits using various artistic techniques.

Experienced artist and portrait painter Natalija Usakova supported the individual work process together with art teacher Carmen Speckin.

Funded as part of the Kulturrucksack programme of the Landesregierung NRW.

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