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The Kunstmuseum considers itself a place encounter art, to reflect upon it and be inspired by it. Public tours, moderated discussions with artists, and companion programs deepen the impressions made by the exhibitions and collection displays. Many practical workshops at the painting school and the print workshop encourage visitors’ creativity. 

The Kunstmuseum’s educational program is meant for anyone of any age who may be interested. Content can be coordinated for specific target groups. For kindergartners and school classes there are special events, even outside regular opening hours. Programs are also offered during vacation times. Children’s birthday parties at the Kunstmuseum can also be arranged.

But you don’t have to be inside the museum to experience art: throughout the city, squares and façades are ornamented with reliefs, fountains, and sculptures. The popular CityArt Tours provide background knowledge of Mülheim’s architecture and urban development on differently themed tours. Selected works of public art as well as the history of their creation and creators are presented.